a hackathon to inspire the inventions of tomorrow
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what is a hackathon?

24 hours to build your dream project, hardware or software

what are the rules?

currently, there are NO RULES! but fear not! this will change soontm

when and where is it?

to be announced ...

where can I find the agenda?

the agenda is currently under revision and will be provided upon completion

who can participate?

graduate and undergraduate students, especially artists, designers, and hardware tinkerers

what should I bring?

a laptop, your resume, and some friends! (and any special hardware you want to work on)

are travel reimbursements offered?

unfortunately, due to the high participation rate, we cannot offer reimbursement for personal accomodations and expenses at this time

what is the hardware palette?

the hardware palette is a collection of hardware provided by MLH that can be used by HackCooper 2018 participants—more information will be provided soon

what if this is my first hackathon?

don't worry, we'll have mentors to help out! read this awesome article by dave fontenot

what if I don't have an idea or team?

that's okay! we'll help you find a team and an idea!

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